Robert Mathy

Sound Artist / Based in Vienna / Studied at Academy of Applied Arts in Vienna and Sao Paulo

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Robert Mathy

Robert Mathy works in the fields of digital and experimental video art with a special interest in sound. With a great sense of space and the uncanny, he creates live performances and installations exploring the possibilities of electroacoustic sound generation…(Read More)

With a delicate touch Evelina Hägglunds work deals with the relationship between materiality and language. Investigating the gap between objects and the signs and ideas that they represent she creates sculptures with physical qualities that language does not have, taking advantage of the spatiality and weight to attempt to understand the abstraction of words…(Read More)

Sidsel Bonde

Sidsel Bondes artistic practice revolves around contemporary representations of nature and agriculture in modern society. With a social approach based on interviews, research and graphic design she creates often humorous site-specific installations dealing with weighty subjects such as the effect of changing climates on cultivated landscapes…(Read More)

Paige Silverman

In Paige Silvermans sculptural practice functional objects like tools and columns loose their utility to form a kind of humorous nihilism. With a mix of ready-mades, perishables and carefully crafted objects she creates dialectic loops to connect with or get lost in…(Read More)

Developing an intimate connection to a location or subject forms the basis of all Mette Hartung Kirkegaards works. The ongoing themes are relationships, the interspace and a fascination of a world that can be experienced both physically and emotionally. At Land404 Mette is creating two different works. The first project consists of 20.000 painted…(Read More)

Louise Möller

In her artistic work Louise Möller combines a background in graphic design with her current architecture studies in ”Urbanism and Landscape” at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. She uses both analogue and digital 3d modelling as well as drawing and collage to build an understanding of materials and space.  During the…(Read More)

Johan Stenbeck

Through a responsive approach to the existing environment Johan Stenbeck explores the relationship between inner and outer reality. Shaping his artistic practice to the specific location or project at hand utilizing a variety of disciplines such as drawing, painting, sculpture and installation. Alongside his art practice he is finishing a Master in Architecture, studying “Settlement…(Read More)

Simone Alexandra Ærsøe is a visual artist working mainly with photography and spatial installations. She is interested in the complexities of nature and society and their influence on the individual. Her work often begins with a more or less abstract idea of a connection which is then tested through photography, research and experimenting with…(Read More)

A visible and often continual process is a central element in Christopher Landins practice. He uses time and chance to provoke unexpected outcomes by for example exposing photographic film to natural elements like mold or ice giving even weight to both documentation and the result. During the Land404 residency Christopher Landin will work with clay…(Read More)

Robert Mathy has exhibited his work internationally at venues including Casa da Musica in Portugal, Georgia Tech in the US, Museumsquartier (MAK) in Austria and at several art festivals including File Festival in Brazil and Flussi in Italy.
Connatural – LAND404 2018