Artist Talks at Lantluft

Come meet the Artists and Choreographers of this summers residencies and hear them present their work and ideas for their time here in Blekinge!

In August Land404 and Dans i Blekinge are organizing two sister residencies for both national and international Artists, Choreographers and Dancers. During their stay the participants will work thematically with the relationship between human and nature as well as the urban and rural. The stays culminatinate in performances and an outdoor exhibition.

Acting across residencies and disciplines like this is a big experiment and one that we are exited to share with you! So join us in welcoming the participants to Blekinge and have yourself a fika while you’re at it!

Price The event is free. Fika can be bought at the café.
Adress Café Lantluft, Orranäs 426, 373 00 Jämjö
Date Den 1 augusti kl. 18.30-20.30
Language English

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