Residency Show ’18

At Last the Perfect Weather is Unending

Land404 – Gullholma 404 (see map here )


3 pm (15:00) until midnight


The event is free

Facebook event can be found here


On the 25th of August we open Land404s residency show! For the past month 4 brilliant artists have stayed with us on our farm on Blekinges southeastern coast. They have spent their time working with the beautiful landscape in the area to create an open-air exhibition full of funny, thought provoking, tailor-made sculptures, sound pieces, and installations. We can’t wait to show you!

At the opening the always entertaining Cassandra Cornelio will be giving guided walking tours through the exhibition and you can also catch a viewing of Exquisite Corpse Video Project, a ten year in the making world wide collaboration of artists. DJs from the legendary record label Börft will help us dance the night away.

Come see what the artists have been working on and celebrate with us!

The event is absolutely free.

This year we are collaborating with the amazing dance residency Dans i Blekinge. Their choreographers are showing work at Massmanska Kvarnen in Ronneby on the 24th of August. There you’ll get to see work by Antonio Branco and Riccardo T., Ellen Söderhult, Britta Kangas and Liza Tegel. We can’t recommend it enough!


Participating artists

// Sidsel Bonde (DK)

// Evelina Hägglund (SE)

// Robert Mathy (AT)

// Paige Silverman (USA)

Other Participants

// Casandra Cornelio

// Exquisite Corpse Video Project via ArtZone

// Villa Åbo

// Kord

// M. Jupiter