Open Call

We are excited to announce the open call for our 2018 residency program!

This year we will host a small group of artists from all over the world at our farm and together we will build an outdoor exhibition on a nearby cape.

We work with the landscape and community surrounding the farm as our starting point. Thematically investigating the relationship between modern people and nature as well as rural spaces in the context of western civilisation. Land404 is a place to ask questions, create dialogue from the periphery to the center, as well as reimagine how to inhabit these spaces that in many parts of the world are being abandoned.

The participating artists are encouraged to work freely with the themes. No discipline is preferred, but we are extra interested in experimental approaches, interdisciplinary work and social practice. This year we are collaborating with Blekinges Dansresidens, a residency program for dancers running parallel to ours which might open up for interesting possibilities.

The residency takes place in our house and as such there is a strong community aspect. It is important that we all partake in daily tasks, use each other as sparring partners and take responsibility for the well-being of the group. In other words if you want a room and no-one to bother you for a month this is probably not the program for you. When there is downtime we hang out, garden, pick mushrooms and berries in the woods, swim in the ocean or canoe with the seals living off the coast. 


Land404 is an artist-driven platform run by us, Christopher Landin and Simone Alexandra Ærsøe from our house in the middle of farmland, forests and close to the sea. We create exhibitions, host workshops, collaborate with other local organisations and of course organize a residency. We want the place we live to be exiting and alive which is why we share our space with other artists in the hopes that we can facilitate important dialogue, experiment with cultural practices and engage with our surrounding community.

How to apply

To apply fill out this document:  Open Call Form and send it along with your cv and documentation of 2-4 projects (in a single PDF with description and embedded images) to

Mark the email Application for Residency 2018 and all files with your name and file description like this: firstname_lastname_cv or firstname_lastname_documentation.

We expect participating artists to create work inspired by the landscape. However should you already have an idea of what you want to work on, we want to hear it! Make sure to mention it in the aforementioned document.

If you have questions please write


Included in the Residency
  • Stipend for materials
  • Travel expenses up to 3000 sek pr. Artist
  • Working grant 
  • On site support and feedback
  • Accommodation at the farm
  • Open Air exhibition and the possibility of more exhibitions/publications
Not included
  • Food expenses (We share expenses and responsibility for cooking)
  • Insurance
  • Materials and travel expenses exceeding the allotted amount
Expected of the Artists 
  • Artist presentation open for the public
  • Concentrated work towards the exhibition 
  • The residency takes place in our home and the residency has a clear community component. It is therefore important that the Artists are interested in working collectively and takes responsibility for the common well-being of the group.
  • Participation in daily life routines such as cooking and cleaning